Challenge #7: Tonic Water

Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic

It was Anya who started me off on this particular tack. She had been talking to someone at a work Christmas function a few weeks ago, who happened to mention that he made his own tonic water. She later told me about this chance conversation, and I was intrigued by the possibility. I’m very fond of gin and tonic as a drink, and I instantly resolved to try this out. So, I read up about what was involved and I completed my first batch of tonic water over the Christmas holiday. I was very impressed with the results – it turns out that it’s astonishingly easy to make and is well worth the effort. You can read a post about the whole process over on my blog.

Now, I know that Anya shares my love of a good G&T, but I’m also pretty sure that she’d never dream of trying to make her own tonic water without being pushed a little. I’m sure she will enjoy the results, so I’ve decided to give her that push, and set this as her next formal challenge.

Challenge #7

Make the ultimate gin and tonic using your own, home-made tonic water.

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