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Challenge #3: Burgers

Much of the food that people buy has been pre-prepared in some way before they buy it. Now, it’s clear that getting the supplier to do some preparatory work is often pretty useful – after all, if you fancy a bacon sandwich, you don’t really want to have to start by heading out to buy […]

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Challenge #2: Tamarind – what the heck is it?

A tardy response to an exciting challenge – but I have excuses of illness and head fug and course and exams (gleefully passed). After the initial specific challenge, Dave set a very broad task. One sweet and one savoury dish where tamarind plays a main or the main part. I spent a long time reading […]

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Challenge #2: Tamarind

Anya’s first challenge required her to make a very specific thing, a pork pie. For some of the challenges, I’d like to give her a little more freedom to experiment, and so for her second challenge, I thought I’d give her the task of figuring out what she could make that used a specific ingredient.

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Challenge #1: Pork Pie

Anya’s first challenge is really an easy one. Normally, this level of complexity would be classed as a “hard challenge”, but the first challenge was chosen by mutual agreement, so I don’t think it should be rated as “hard”. Anya had already expressed an interest in trying to make a pork pie, and so we […]

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Challenge Anya

My friend Anya likes to cook. Indeed, she’s quite good at it and is a regular practitioner. We often chat about the various things we are up to in the kitchen, and one day recently she confessed that she didn’t feel that she was adventurous enough in her cooking; she felt that she should try […]

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