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Nut Butters

Challenge #8: Nut Butter

Apparently it is National Peanut Butter day in America today, which is a rather neat coincidence, as Anya’s next challenge is to make some. Nut butters are incredibly easy to make at home, and are vastly superior to the ones you find on supermarket shelves. Earlier this week, I made three nut butters of my […]

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Challenge #7: Tonic Water annoyance

Dave was right when he said this was something I would definitely NOT attempt had it not been for the challenge. And as January is a no-alcohol month, it is also something I am loathed to try without gin. Be sure that when it comes to February the fruits of this labour will be tried […]

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Gin and Tonic

Challenge #7: Tonic Water

It was Anya who started me off on this particular tack. She had been talking to someone at a work Christmas function a few weeks ago, who happened to mention that he made his own tonic water. She later told me about this chance conversation, and I was intrigued by the possibility. I’m very fond […]

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Challenge #6: Paneer

WOW! Paneer is easy peasy! I didn’t realise it would be so simple. I faffed and did minor research on this challenge until I finally pulled out ‘Indian Food Made Easy’ by Anjum Anand which had been gathering dust on the cookbook shelf. The ingredients are whole milk and lemon juice. Seriously. That’s it. As […]

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