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Cornish Pasty

Challenge #10: Cornish Pasty

The idea of wrapping up meat and vegetables in a dough or pastry and then cooking it is something that is found all over the world, and with very good reason – whether you call them empanadas, calzone, samosas, öçpoçmaq, panzarotti or pastels, these parcels of food are invariably tasty and satisfying. In Britain, we have our own take on […]

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Challenge #9: Kimchi (smells)

I knew nothing about kimchi until Dave presented me with a jar of his home made version. Well, it was delicious, bright red, more-ish, crispy and swiftly became an addition to a lot of my meals at home. It easily spices up what could otherwise be boring, or lifts some delicious to another level. Kimchi […]

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Challenge #9: Kimchi

One of the oldest methods for preserving foods is fermentation – people have been fermenting their foodstuffs for thousands of years. Not only does it help the food keep for longer, it can make it easier to digest, and most importantly, it adds a whole wealth of interesting flavours. The list of fermented foods is […]

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Challenge #8 Buttery nutness

I LOVE NUT BUTTER. This was easy peasy. Not only do I love nutty flavours, I also love the amazing natural nutritional value of these handy little things. In fact this was so easy that I did it immediately but other personal endeavours have meant that I haven’t got round to writing this blog up […]

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