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Challenge #5: Pulled pork results

After spending some important time whinging at Dave about the challenge and that I didn’t want to do meat and I would never do this, I got over it and decided, ‘well of course! It’s the Challenge – I wouldn’t necessarily make these things – that’s the whole point you whingebag!’. Dave was rather nicer […]

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Pulled Pork

Challenge #5: Pulled Pork

It’s been a great summer for barbecues. Plenty of nice weather, lots of opportunity for lounging around in the garden eating sausages and burgers, together with a nice beer or two. Today though, it’s clear that winter is now here. Last night saw the temperatures fall below freezing, and today we had cold, wet sleet. […]

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Challenge #1: Pork Pie

Anya’s first challenge is really an easy one. Normally, this level of complexity would be classed as a “hard challenge”, but the first challenge was chosen by mutual agreement, so I don’t think it should be rated as “hard”. Anya had already expressed an interest in trying to make a pork pie, and so we […]

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